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    Rebecca Linstrot

    It doesn't explain if there is an option to purchase classes without subscribing.  For example, I am disabled and live on a very limited income.  I cannot afford a subscription.  In addition, I have cognitive issues that effect my memory. So I want to purchase 1 class and then it might be several months before I can totally absorb the class AND afford another class.  I am homebound so your type of lessons are great for me.

    Last, when a class says free, why am I required to sign up for a free trial.  These should be totally free for effective marketing.  Give new customers a taste of your videos and they will want more.  For example, videos about sewing machines should be totally free. There is a market for people who want to see but don't have sewing machines.  If you give a 'what to look for in a sewing machine' and 'what machines are best for the different types of sewing projects' videos people will be more willing to purchase a machine and then they will need to purchase or subscribe to more of your classes.


    Why would I want to subscribe if I don't have a machine? What machine do I need, I have seen machines from $50 to thousands of dollars.  

    Also in your replies to comments on the fabric class.  The professor sounds elitist, though I don't think she means to be.  The intro video shows her walking through a high end fabric store.  I suggest that she makes a video going through Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, or some similar store where 95% of Americans buy their fabric and sewing supplies.  The current comments are asking about fabric and they probably don't have access to the kind of materials the professor is talking about.  Also affordable is a much misused word. Oprah used to have shows about "affordable" clothes and she would show jeans between $50 & $100.  That is not affordable to the average consumer and neither is the fabrics in your video.  Again there should be examples of fabric less than $5/yard while realizing that that price is high for most people.  Maybe a bargain fabric class is in order.

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    Becki Linstrot

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    Rebecca Linstrot

    Last comment, your FAQ pages are coming up in a faded font both in your mobile site and your full site. Check with your webmaster and ask him to change it so that it is readable without enlarging.

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