I have a question that wasn’t addressed here. Who can I ask?




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    I WANT to cancel my subscription but where do I go??? It keeps telling me to sign into my account but this is the only page when I sign in.  PLEASE Cancel my subscription today..

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    elaine ossipov

    I purchased a 30 day unlimited subscription on amazon.

    Yet amazon sees it as a 15 day (2 -week ) subscription and when I login here, it is not unlimited since  I have to 'upgrade' in order to view a class. 


    Please advise. 

    amazon account email id = elaine dot anacortes at gmail dot com


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    Kerry Lopes (Walsh)

    I have had an interchange with you recently over the fact that I payed for a monthly and yearly subscription.  My name is Kerry Lopes.  I would have paid for the two courses with one of two visas which I have previously given to you in answer to your email to me requesting them.  I am not repeating them here for privacy reasons.  Please look back into your records once and for all to verify that I indeed have both a monthly and yearly account.  The reason I purchased both was because after purchasing the monthly subscription I was so frustrated never knowing when was the best time to get a course and how to navigate the system that it was complicated and I felt what I got for my money was not worth it.  I did really like some of your classes and I liked the fact that with the yearly subscription I could get 12 free points right away which I took advantage of.  Now there are some new courses that I would like to get and I would like to get them without paying an arm and a leg for them and I see a notation where I am not  due anymore free points until September 19, 2017.  Come on people, what are you playing at.  What happens if you go under?  People loose all their courses?  You are not as tempting as Craftsy and Art Tutor because in the long run, you charge more and deliver less.  You are also giving ambiguous information right from the start to confuse people regarding how your company works.  I really enjoy the classes and the instructors but the way you do things should be revised.  Please once and for bleddy all figure out that I have paid for a monthly and yearly subscription (eventually my 25 year old son will find it and will be very angry that he has to spend time away from his work as a medical intern to clear something that is your job to fix) and realize that I have more points coming to me than nothing until next Sept 19th. Please find an easier way of viewing all the classes at the same time when viewing them so that it is easier to make informed choices.  Again I thank you for your time but this time please spend some time on this issue that I will be vocal about should it be ignored any further.  


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    Kerry Lopes (Walsh)

    Yours truly,    Kerry Lopes

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    I sent a cancel notice through email after 10 days. I was charged. Please verify I've never used this account. Cancel and unsubscibe me immediately. I do not want to pay for what I don't use. I'm screen shotting this, since my request was not honored and now I'm getting charged way part three free trial.

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